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Rachio 3 now works with Apple HomeKit!

Rachio 3 works with Apple HomeKit

Welcome Home.

Rachio 3 adds to category-leading lineup with new Apple HomeKit™ integration.


Smart home AND smart yard control, in a single app?

The wait is over! With new Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and Apple HomeKit integration, there’s no place like Home.

It’s time to extend your smart home out into the yard, and operate it all within the Apple Home app or using voice commands with Siri®.


Bring your smart home under one roof.

The most integrated smart sprinkler controller available, Rachio 3 continues to widen the gap with our newest partnership.

HomeKit integration centralizes your smart home control, allowing you to manage your smart home devices and sprinkler system all in one place.


Easily control your smart home devices and sprinkler system all in one place with Rachio 3 and the Apple Home app.


Use the Apple Home app on iPhone or iPad to easily start and stop zones, or stop a schedule from running – even control by talking to Siri!



Just ask Siri.

Go beyond app control! Ask Siri simple questions, like “turn on my sprinklers in the backyard” or “stop watering the vegetable garden,” for hands-free watering control using your favorite iOS device, HomePod, Apple Watch® and more.


Upgrade to the future of smart watering.

Only powerful Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller hardware is equipped to connect with Apple HomeKit.

For leading smart home integrations, advanced smartphone control, premium weather monitoring and more, upgrade to the groundbreaking Rachio 3:



Already own Rachio 3? Add smart watering to HomeKit!

Add your controller as an accessory in just a few easy steps.

  1. Find your HomeKit code in the Rachio App.
  2. Use the code to add Rachio 3 as an accessory in the Home app.
  3. Customize settings and control watering from the Home app.


Learn more.

Visit the HomeKit page to read more about our newest integration!

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