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Rachio PROfile with Michael Greathouse

blog-greathouse-headshotMichael Greathouse
GreatWater Irrigation and Ecoscapes
Fort Worth, TX

Q. When was the first time you installed a Rachio?
A. April this year (2015), about a week after it was introduced to me through our supplier, Ewing.

Q. What’s your favorite feature of the Rachio Iro?
A. The weather intelligence and water budgeting features. North Texas has some very unpredictable weather and this year has definitely been extreme. This controller can help my clients stay ahead of their water needs as our climate has taken us from a serious drought to tropical storm levels of rain.

Q. What do you like about Rachio?
A. I love that its core function is to help people save water in a very easy, automated way. Our business is centered around helping people water smarter. Being able to give irrigation systems a smart controller allows them to start saving water immediately while knowing their yard is still getting all the water it needs.


Q. Do your customers like Rachio?
A. Almost everyone I’ve introduced to the Iro is very interested in the product and think it’s something that really just makes sense. Every controller I’ve installed has been met with novel excitement and enthusiasm. Once a customer starts getting the notifications showing that their system is now interacting with the world around it, they really start to understand and trust that it’s making a significantly positive impact on their water usage.

Q. Has Rachio changed your relationship with your customers?
A. Talking to my customers about the different smart features of the Iro controller has helped bring their attention and interest to other smart components that are available such as flow sensors, soil sensors and rain/freeze sensors. We’ve noticed that when our customers gain the ability to control their irrigation system using the same device they use for the rest of daily life, they feel more empowered to manage it effectively since it’s easier to use.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. My company was founded in May 2014 after having worked in the industry for over 15 years.


Q. What’s your favorite aspect of landscaping or irrigation?
A. I love being able to help solve people’s problems with their landscaping and irrigation systems. Whether they’ve never used a sprinkler system, or they’ve been treated unfairly in the past, I like leaving the property owner feeling like they understand their irrigation systems better than they ever have before. We’re also really proud of the fact that we’re offering products and services that don’t just make peoples landscapes look better, but that actually have a tangibly positive effect on our local environment by significantly reducing their landscape water and chemical treatment usage.